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5 Shocking Facts About The Mysterious Olsen Twins You Didn’t Know

Do you want to update yourself with these 5 shocking facts about the mysterious Olsen twins? We’ve known about them since they were just child stars but others may not have heard yet about our facts list so let us proceed.

5 shocking facts about the olsen twins

Shocking Fact #5: 40 interns sued the twins

Who wouldn’t agree that it is just right to pay employees and give credit for their hardwork? Shahista Lalani, one of the 40 interns who felt they were just taken advantage of by the Olsen twins, was even hospitalized for her effort to continue with the lawsuit.

Shocking Fact #4: Stepmother Mary-Kate

Mary-Kate married Olivier Sarkozy, a French banker who is also a father of 11-year old Margot and 13-year old Julien. So after the two got married, Mary-Kate legally became the children’s stepmother.

Shocking Fact #3: Ashley’s Lyme Disease

Along with Avril Lavigne, Ben Stiller, and George Bush, Ashley Olsen have acquired Lyme Disease, too. Even before she could discover she had lyme disease, it was already in the last-stage. How unfortunate that she had to face the full-blown disease for a long period of time knowing that it cannot be cured by typical treatments.

Shocking Fact #2: Ashley’s Nightmare Facelift

Have you heard of the term necrosis? Well, Ashley seems to have become familiar with it since her facelift experience. The term necrosis means the tissues and cells in a particular area die due to restricted blood flow which causes blackening of the area. That was what happened to Ashley and she even had to undergo oxygen therapy via a hyperbaric chamber to try to reverse the incident.

For the first spot in our 5 shocking facts about the mysterious Olsen twins list is…

Shocking Fact #1: The Olsen twins are not identical twins

With Mary-Kate and Ashley’s almost the same physical features, who would have thought they are not identical twins all along? One doctor told the two they are actually sororal twins, a female version of fraternal twins.

With our 5 shocking facts about the mysterious Olsen twins list, were you shocked?

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