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5 Quick Ways to Reduce Air Freight Forwarding Costs

Air freight forwarding can be a rather costly affair. In order to stave off the humongous costs associated with air freight forwarding, companies can choose to indulge in a variety of methods, from freight forwarding software to these five quick ways stated below:
5 Quick Ways to Reduce Air Freight Forwarding Costs
1. Optimizing Packaging
One way to salvage any unprecedented expenditure is by optimizing packaging. This includes reducing the amount of thickness and volume of packaging involved to its minimum safety value. Another way is to minimize the amount of air pockets in your packaging, since you’re essentially paying through your nose for transporting that excess and empty space. By optimizing your packaging, not only can you save some extra green notes on raw materials needed for packaging, warehousing and transportation, but you’re essentially putting out an eco-friendly front, which can promote your company’s green image.

2. Optimizing Containers
Container optimization involves the reduction of air shipped within a container. By maximizing the amount of space used in a container, you can not only load and ship more boxes per container, but you can also reduce the amount of containers shipped overall, which will certainly alleviate the air freight costs leveled against your company. This essentially means you’re being charged with lower shipping cost per container or per unit.

3. Utilizing Larger Containers
Larger containers provide greater room to store and transport more boxes per unit of space. Not only does this give your company discounts charged by logistic companies for shipping larger items, but there will also be less charges per unit as you ship items within a larger container. From a business standpoint, it is always wise to ship more product per shipment, and this certainly provides a quick fix to your space maximization woes.

4. Optimizing Traffic Routes
Always try to utilize a direct traffic route. Make arrangements with your freight broker to pick out a direct or straight traffic route to your destination, since the price of shipment is heavier for longer shipping routes. You can also develop a routing guide to get discounts from specified carriers, and audit any available freight bills as well to enforce the usage of your routing guide.

5. Joining an Inbound Freight Consortium
Another quick way to save costs is by locking elbows with a Freight Consortium. Premium prices are usually charged if you allow vendors to map out the routing guide or assign the freight carrier you utilize for your shipment. But this can be averted if you have more bargaining power on your hands and join a Freight Consortium. You can also chip into past negotiated rates with certain carriers, which essentially gives you more power to decide what to do with your shipment.

You can reduce your air freight forwarding costs substantially if you make use of these five quick ways.

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