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5 Movies That Will Make You Question Your Life Today

Have you ever watched one of the 5 movies that will make you question your life? Have you thought of the words you’ve said or the actions you’ve done in life making you rethink about whether it was the right move or not? If not, read on and find out what these movies are.

Movie #5: Under the Skin

This 2013 film by Jonathan Glazer depicts the story of an alien inside a human body. In fact, the title already says it all. What do you find under the skin? Scarlett Johansson, who plays the lead female alien role, discovers the answer as she experience that human life isn’t just about physical existence.

Movie #4: The Man from Earth

What would you do if you became immortal? Would you do things differently? Would you treasure every minute you are alive or take every day for granted? These are the questions this science-fiction movie leaves you with.

Movie #3: The Truman Show

What if your life was not really your life all along? What if it was manipulated and constructed by others instead of you making a decision for yourself? How tragic it must be then for Truman Burbank, Jim Carrey’s role, to experience such circumstances in this movie.

Movie #2: Her

Technology has played a big role in this 2013 movie as an Operating System involves itself in an interesting relationship with the lead role Theodore Twombly. What this movie reminds its audiences is how technology attachment can become frightening as basic human interaction is slowly replaced.

Movie #1: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

For the number one spot in our list of 5 movies that will make you question your life, here is the 2004 American movie with combinations of romance, science-fiction, comedy, and drama genre. If love wasn’t right… if love wasn’t enough, would you give up? Would you erase your memory like what the movie’s couple did?

With great stories from the 5 movies that will make you question your life, audiences are given another opportunity to rethink things in life.

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