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5 Free Online Ways to Market Your Property

Selling properties has never been as easy as today, where the rise of the Internet has been pointed to as the main reason behind it all. Every real estate professional is quickly catching up with this phenomenon, and you would get left behind if you didn’t. The allure of ultra-accessible media such as instant messaging, email, and video calls are just too good to resist.
5 free online ways to market your propertyAnd although many agents have opted to set up websites devoted to selling their products, these entail considerable effort and money. Now, if you are still a budding businessman who can’t afford to break the bank yet, don’t fret! The ingenious World Wide Web has provided lots of avenues for free promotion, which include:

1. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter

There had to be more to social networking sites than just posting ‘statuses’, chatting, and ‘liking’. Luckily, entrepreneurs caught the drift early on, signifying the advent of “fan pages” in Facebook and content-based Twitter accounts. You could also create your own, of course, and freely showcase all of your available properties. Spice it up with cool videos, helpful tips, catchy photos, and more interesting property-related content to entice them into checking out your pages.

2. YouTube

Speaking of cool videos, a popular platform where you can mount it on is YouTube. With a viewership that surpasses even that of TV’s, your video will definitely find its audience somewhere. You can use varieties of gimmicks for your promotional ads, like transitions, sound effects, animation, and the like to prevent them from turning into boring, unimaginative infomercials. (We already have plenty of those.) Afterwards, you can immediately link them to your social media accounts and watch the inquiries pour in quickly.

3. Google+

Another sure-fire, gratis way of proliferating word on your properties is the relatively new Google Plus (stylized as Google+), the social media branch of Google. With features not to be confused with that of Facebook’s, advertising through the site will generate an entirely different mileage with its usage of its parent site’s features. What’s more, unique community-centric services such as Local, Events, and Communities will be of tremendous help to drive your sales if you plan to be interactive.

4. Blogging services such as Blogger and WordPress

If you’re the type who’s extremely chatty about things, try hitting up the Blogosphere with detail-ridden posts on your properties. Consumers usually consult the Internet (yes, it’s that reliable) for things such as rarely-advertised facts, and that includes properties. Naturally, if they stumble upon your blog, you increase your chances of closing a deal. Simply make your blog posts as interesting and info-heavy while still being truthful and faithful to what your product really is about.

5. Participating in local real estate forum sites

Online users love interaction, and it’s a big leverage if you’ll join local real estate forum sites such as Property ChitChat and My Real Estate. Not only will you be able to directly answer inquiries on the spot, but you’ll also do damage control to issues raised by your competitors. Forums are a basher’s haven, so prepare yourself once you open your own account.

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