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5 Cheap Ways to Attract Customers to a Retail Store

Attracting customers has always been the primary aim of all businesses. Every single company and store wants to draw both old and new customers in order to generate more sales and profit. Whether you have a physical retail store or an online store, there are many cheap ways on how you can get customers to visit your often.

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Hold promotional events. Having promos and sales is a surefire way to attract customers. Everybody wants to save a couple of bucks on purchases. Hold events that will invite your customers to visit your store. You can invite local celebrities to your brick and mortar store in order to attract more people. For websites, you can have discounts. Try to promote your sale and events through different social networking websites. Try to advertise these events as well in order to get as much attention as possible. You can also give referral discounts to your customers if they bring in other friends with them.

Update. For those with online stores, updating the website regularly with blog posts and other relevant contents is a must. Run different features regularly that are helpful to your customers and relevant to your products. If you have a clothing store, you can write about the different trends this season. Catching up with the season and trends is important. Reinventing your store every now and then will make your store fresh and up-to-date.

Get in touch with customers. Following up with your contacts is also a good idea when you are holding events. You can inform them about your promotional events and this can also be great in spreading the word. Encourage them to extend the news to other friends who might be interested. Starting a raffle can be a good way in getting your customers’ contact details. For online stores, it is easy to send in newsletters to customers. Create a pop-up that will help in collecting the contact details or e-mail addresses of your visitors. This can be useful in updating them about promos, sales, and new items in your store. This can increase traffic to your site, as well.

Make your store newsworthy. Keeping your business in the local news is also a great way to grab the attention of prospect customers. Contact different local media outlets. Ask radio stations or local lifestyle channels if they are willing to cover your events and do a live broadcast. This can help in getting new traffic. For online stores, you can do this by submitting your blogs and other website content to different news sites, online communities, and local forum. You can also create links to take readers to your website. Make sure that the articles and contents are well-written and relevant.

Have quality customer service. This is something that every business has to prioritize, no matter what industry you are in. The customers are always the patrons and should receive as much attention as your store. Creating a personal relationship with your customers will keep them coming back. You need to provide quality service and assistance. Focusing on the customers’ needs is always essential as this helps in gaining customer loyalty and will most likely help you in making a stronger brand. After all, happy customers will be glad to spread positive reviews about your store.

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