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5 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Criminals: Questions Of Who And What

Have you come across news about the 5 celebs you didn’t know were criminals? This list proves us that fame is not an exception when it comes to the law.

Celeb #5: Jay-Z for Assault

jay z

Back in 1999, hip-hop producer Lance Rivera became the stabbing victim of Jay-Z who pled guilty to this third-degree assault in Manhattan’s Kit Kat Club. He ended up walking away with a sentence of only three years.

Celeb #4: Tim Allen for Drug Trafficking

tim allen

Over 650 grams of cocaine was confiscated from Tim Allen back in 1978 at Battlecreek National Airport. This drug trafficking case is supposedly charged with possible life imprisonment but because he was willing to cooperate and drop names of other drug dealers, it was reduced to seven years.

Celeb #3: Heather Locklear for Hit and Run

heather locklear

Heather Locklear’s black BMW crashed into a “No Parking” sign in California from which evidences were left. And apparently, Locklear left after the collision as well giving her a misdemeanor charge for hit-and-run.

Celeb #2: Haley Joel Osment for Drunk Driving

haley joel osment

Who would have thought that this famous child star made it to our list of 5 celebs you didn’t know were criminals? Even under alcohol influence, he still drove his way home. Because of this, he crashed and flipped his car from which he sustained injuries and a three-year probation.

Celeb #1: Mel Gibson for Drunk Driving

mel gibson

Drunk driving was the main reason Gibson was charged. However, prejudicial remarks directed at the arresting deputy and disrespectful name-calling of a female officer added to his act giving him a three-year probation as well.

With this list of 5 celebs you didn’t know were criminals, we now know more information not just about these celebs’ movies or tv shows. But what could we do? People make mistakes and it includes them, too.

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