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5 Anti-Aging Foods

Nowadays, creams, serums and other products promise anti-aging effects. But look around your kitchen. You might just find anti-aging foods that don’t need expensive costs. Here is our list:



#1 Tomato Paste


Tomato is an anti-inflammatory agent as it is a very good source of lycopene. Since inflammation contributes to aging of skin, tomato then can be helpful. Sources say it is recommended to consume five tablespoons of tomato paste a day to help diminish your sunburn risk. Now you can enjoy your pizza in a healthier way!

5 anti-aging foods

#2 Blueberries

5 anti-aging foods

Blueberries have lots of Vitamin C. That’s good news as Vitamin C stimulates skin collagen elasticity and contributes to faster healing. But since this is a vitamin that is water soluble, it is not stored in the body. Thus, it is recommended that we consume a serving of blueberries and other foods rich in Vitamin C daily.

#3 Egg

5 anti-aging foods

Like blueberries, egg helps in collagen synthesis. This is possible thru the help of its protein contents. Eggs contain Vitamin A as well helping your skin to maintain its elasticity.

#4 Dark Chocolate

5 anti-aging foods

You may wonder about this as many say sweets aren’t doing any good to our skin. But did you know that chocolates with at least 70 percent of cocoa can actually be beneficial? Dark chocolate then helps combat sun spots and contributes to a more blooming after-glow.

#5 Quinoa

5 anti-aging foods

Many health experts consider quinoa seeds as “dietary superstar.” It’s packed with zinc that improves rejuvenation of the skin and boosts cell repair.

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