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4D Ultrasound: Is it safe?

A lof of medical professionals and experts believe 4D ultrasounds are not harmful to use during pregnancy. 4D ultrasounds actually permit medical staff members and parents to take images of the developing baby in 3D while witnessing his movements. This is the reason why the ultrasound is called 4D.
4D Ultrasound: Is it safe?
Both medical personnel and parents are now able to view the baby’s movements and the baby himself on a computer, real time. There are people who think that 4D might be dangerous because it makes use of sound waves, which can raise the temperature of the tissues. However, a lot of medical experts have asserted that the changes in temperature are not enough to cause any potential harm to the mother and her unborn child.

But if viewed from another perspective, most of the concerns of people with regards to the safety of using 4D ultrasound is due to the fact that it is a relatively new technology. But what they do not know is that 4D ultrasound also makes use of the technology that the ordinary 2D ultrasounds have.

Pregnant women do have ultrasounds every now and then and these do not cause any harm to their unborn baby. A 4D ultrasound actually works the same way as a 2D ultrasound. The only difference lies in the advancement of technology. 4D ultrasounds make use of scanners that are more technologically advanced which allow both the doctors and parents to see the woman’s uterus and the baby more clearly.

Some people worry about the exposure that they can get from a 4D ultrasound. However, it is important to note that 4D ultrasound does not involve any kind of radiation. Meaning, any risk of cancer caused by radiation or damages in the tissue are unlikely to be present when using 4D ultrasound.

As mentioned earlier, some may have hesitations due to the presence of sound waves that may alter the tissue’s temperature. No need to worry as ultrasound technicians are there to monitor the temperature changes during 4D ultrasounds. This means that if there are changes in the temperature (which is also unlikely), it would immediately be detected and modifications in the setup can be done.

In addition, recent studies and statistics have shown that the technology is unlikely to cause rising temperatures in the fetal tissues. Especially that most of medical professionals see this procedure as a safe one, parents-to-be need not worry anymore.

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