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4 Quick Tips When Selecting an Antique White Bathroom Vanity for Your Home

Many aspiring home remodelers yearn to add an extra slice of charm to refurnished homes of their clientele. With remodeling bathrooms claiming the hotspot these days, it serves no surprise why most people love tinkering with their bathroom vanities each time they do a makeover for their precious humble abode. Try going white this season. Not only does this pure color palette go with any other color on the color wheel, but it is also soothing and peaceful to look at.
4 Quick Tips When Selecting an Antique White Bathroom Vanity for Your Home
Antique white bathroom vanities for example, are the perfect set of furniture to slip into any wizened bathroom in dire need of a makeover. Here are four quick tips when selecting an antique white bathroom vanity for a home:

Pick a contemporary design
Yes, juggling an antique look with an overall modern touch is not impossible. In fact, some would call it impeccable – and for various reasons. For starters, white is a gender neutral color that can cater to any social group – families, singles, widows and the like. It’s perfect and sleek, and the addition of stainless steel handles will be a stunning complement to the overall bathroom.

Add a special touch
Be unique. Add your own personality and tastes whilst remodeling your bathroom, or throw in a high grade granite countertop coupled with a stunning vessel sink to exude a luxurious feel to the room. Make use of other neutral tones and colors as a complementary hue to the vanity set, and make sure it doesn’t look like it has just rolled out of a nearby factory.

Go full vintage
Some people don’t fancy a modern zeal to anything. In that case, there is always the option of going fully antique, which crowns the house with a historical vibe, even if it had been just built recently. Slather on some white paint on the vanity and glaze it; this will not only retain the character of the pieces, but is relatively inexpensive as well.

Use a White and Black Checked Floor
One amazing thing about the antique approach is that it is tailored exquisitely for a set of gorgeous white and black checked tiles. Simplistic yet ageless, any existing vanity can be reutilized with a simple paint touch-up, and the overall tiling process is not very costly. In fact, there is no need to make the vanity the centerpiece of the bathroom – all that is needed is to make it blend into the background.

So why not take it a step further and select an antique white bathroom vanity this summer? Not only will you be rewarded immensely with a gratifying bathroom that will render your visitors speechless and awed, but you will also boast an exquisite and luxurious bathroom façade.

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