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4 Ideas for a Personal Internet Business

If you’re a busy stay-at-home parent in need of extra cash, or just looking to augment your current income, tap into the Internet. The Internet offers ways for you to earn extra money just by sitting at your desk at home. All it takes is a computer, a reliable Internet connection, plus a little patience—and you can begin earning through any of these four Internet business ideas.

Business Idea #1. Print Layout Design Services

print layout design


This is also known as “desktop publishing.” These days, every poster, magazine, book, product label, print ad, banner, or other print materials we take for granted are first designed by layout artists. These are people who have the skills and experience to operate software (e.g., Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator) that can create these designs in electronic file-format, which can be produced in print by professional printing houses.

If you have the experience and skills, desktop publishing is one of the most viable Internet business ideas you can implement. You’ll be working as a freelancer, without having to leave home as you do so. Finding clients, working with them, sending the finished products, and getting paid can all be done via Web-based email, PayPal, Internet banking, or an online global outsourcing marketplace.

Business Idea #2. Professional Illustration Services

illustration services

 Just as in desktop publishing, traditional illustrators and graphic artists can find clients and sell their services via the Internet. This is one of the better Internet business ideas because skilled and reliable artists of this sort are hard to come by (most don’t have actual real-life drawing skills, and rely on simple stock electronic illustrations to create their “art”). Knowledge of illustration software is a plus, but not always a necessity. If you’re a visual artist, all you need is scanner to add to your PC and Internet connection. You can use traditional illustration skills (and usual materials or media) to create your artworks, then scan them into your computer and email the electronic images to your clients.

Business Idea #3. Writing Services

writing services


Another one of these Internet business ideas that won’t run out of demand is writing services. The fact that the Web exists and continues to grow, in tandem with traditional print and publishing media, means more and more reading content must be created. Just as in the previous Internet business ideas mentioned, you can search for clients and work with them from the comfort of your own home, writing for various projects ranging from business resumes and business ad copies, to research papers, press releases, and even (ghostwritten) novels.

Business Idea #4. Virtual Secretary or Project Manager Services

virtual secretary


But what if you have no specialized skills other than typing, using Microsoft Office software, and organizing stuff? No problem. If your daily or weekly schedule is predictable, you can get yourself employed as someone’s virtual managerial assistant or secretary, working on a set time per day or per week.

These are just a few ways you can establish your own internet business using only minimal resources such as a PC and an internet connection.


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