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3 Things to Ask Yourself Before Installing a Camera Surveillance System

Having a surveillance system in your home can help you achieve security and peace of mind. Installing one shouldn’t be difficult as long as you consider certain factors prior to installation. Different systems will call for different considerations. But whatever system you may be installing, there are some things you need to pay attention to. Ask yourself the following questions before getting a new camera surveillance system:

3 Things to Ask Yourself Before Installing a Camera Surveillance System

1. Who will set up the system?
Are you going to do the installation by yourself or are you going to pay for the service of a professional installer? Installing the system yourself will help you save on installer fee, but this requires thorough knowledge of the installation process to ensure you don’t make mistakes. If you decide to hire an installer, you can be sure of accuracy and efficiency, although you will need to shell out some amount. If you have a budget, you can consult an installer prior to installation to ensure that the combined installation fee and cost of the system will be within your budget. You can also consult the installer regarding things such as whether you should go for a wired or a wireless system.

2. Under what circumstances will you be doing the recording?
Are you recording 24 hours a day, at night, or only at daytime when you’re not at home? In what areas of the house would you like the cameras installed, and how much lighting do these areas get? Your answer should help you determine which type of cameras to get. For instance, if you’re recording 24/7 with varying lighting conditions, you’ll need a camera that can perform well both in the brightness of daylight and in the darkness of the night.

Among the special types of cameras that you can consider are those that feature low LUX ratings for efficient recording in low-light conditions, as well as those with built-in infrared technology to help you record well even in pitch black environments.

3. What type of protection will your camera need?
Will it need protection against environmental elements because of its exterior location? If so, you should get cameras with features such as heater, water proofing, and sunshield. On a more serious note, will your camera be prone to possible tampering? If that’s the case, you need to get a camera with protection against vandalism. One great device to consider would be an armored dome-type camera. This is a strong device that can resist even strong forces such as blows. Another thing you can do is to build a system in such a way that some cameras overlap in coverage. This way, even if one device is tampered with, you have other devices as back-up.

There are still a lot more questions to ask when building a surveillance system, and you can start with the three mentioned above to begin with the setup.

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