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10 Signs You’re in Love

According to the dictionary, the word Love means – “A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person; a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend; a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.”

Did you get any of that? Or you’re probably still thinking, “Am I? Or am I not?” How about a breakdown of questions to set foot for an answer?

1. Are you still thinking about your Ex? After break-ups, one of the most common scenarios are of a person thinking about his/her previous lover, and if you’re still thinking about them even when you’re with a person you currently like, that’s one sign.

2. How about if you don’t have an ex? Or never had a previous crush or anything? (If you’re 10, go to school!), when you watch a rom-com movie and you think, “Oh hey, that could be us.” Have you done that?

3. Have you tolerated their own version of insanity? Even when it’s driving you crazy?

4. Are you defensive over little things said about them? Even when it is about him/her and you know they’re not like that.

5. You probably thought, “Hey, his/her quirks are actually charming”. The little things, like when they always want a scissor to open a bag of chips, they always disregard a knife for fork, any quirks that are not disgusting or unhealthy.

6. Do you always end up sharing news about your day to them? Even when it’s just about a duck quacking 50 times, do you tell them that?

7. Do you either knowingly/unknowingly bring them up to a conversation? Even when you actually don’t have to?

8. That even if you just spent 2 minutes with them, its better enough to keep you smiling.

9. Are you always eager to dig deeper about them? Even stories about their first dog is inspiring to you.

10. Do you ever look for a future with them? It’s like “Hey, we could do this in summer.” And you just don’t seem pretty much interested with others.
Now, it’s either you’re crazy enough to tolerate these people or you just love them, that’s for you to solve.

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