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10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Finding the perfect sunbathing spot during your travels can be cumbersome. Whether you decide to go flagrante delicto or not, only three things matter: the sun, a tan and the beach. We present to you some of the most beautiful beaches around the globe that has continuously attracted droves of tourists.

1. La Minitas Beach, Dominican Republic

With a panoramic view of the ocean lapping against the seashore, the La Minitas Beach in the Dominican Republic provides a secluded spot for you to sunbathe in private.

2. Boracay, Philippines

most beautiful beaches

Pristine, snow white beaches can only be found on White Beach in Boracay, Philippines. The tropical climate surrounding the beach often introduces a soft, cooling breeze that gently caresses the skin.

3. South Beach, (Miami) United States

If raucous crowds and celebrity-spotting is on your hit list, then take a trip down to South Beach in Miami to experience some of the liveliest environments while getting a nice tan.

4. Red Beach, Greece

Hunting around for a unique sunbathing spot? Santorini’s beautiful Red Beach off Greek Islands is an authentic geological miracle hedged by distinctive rusty red lava cliffs and now caters to thousands of eager sun-bathers annually.

5. Tulum Beach, Mexico

tulum bach

If you’re a history geek, then the Tulum Beach in Mexico is meant for you. With archaic Mayan ruins that has not been fully breached by tourism yet, this is an ideal spot to rest and relax.

6. Nudist Camp Beach, Croatia

If you intend to tan yourself in your birthday suit, why not pay the Nudist Camp Beach in Croatia a visit? With other naturalists soaking up the rays, you can also easily choose a private spot near one of the many rocky outcroppings if you wish.

7. Hanalei Bay Beach, Hawaii

Catch that perfect wave with your new surfboard at Hanalei Bay Beach in Hawaii. With dazzling waterfalls and towering mountains caressing the sky, this is a must-see on our list.

8. Ocracoke Island, (North Carolina) United States

If you desire to have a tan without any interruptions, then the beach in Ocracoke Island in North Carolina is for you. Not only is it remote and peaceful, but it also provides a serene view of the sea.

9. Ipanema Beach, Brazil


Are you vacationing in Brazil but unsure of which beach to visit? Then drop by the Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro for a colorful experience – and don’t forget to showcase your thong!

10. Santa Cruz Beach, (California) United States

The family-friendly beach along Santa Cruz in California is the last on our list of most beautiful beaches.

So not only do we help you pick out the most popular and unique beaches around the world as part of your travel and vacation experience, but we also guarantee a fun and relaxing time during your trip. Everything from yachting to surfing can be done along the way, but don’t forget to bring your suntan lotion along to get that perfect tan!

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