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10 Clever Ideas for Your Real Estate Website

If you’re a traditional real estate agent who’s still 100% reliant on flyers and on-ground executions, maybe it’s a good time to tweak your tactics a bit. More and more potential clients are turning to the World Wide Web in purchasing their everyday needs, properties included.
10 clever ideas for your real estate website
Now, it’s time to debunk the notion that the Internet is solely for the youth. Much of the corporate and adult market is actually dependent on this medium, and it’s a wise move to allot some of your pitching online. However, don’t jump into the bandwagon just yet and heed these pointers on creating your own sales website:

1. Include listings to your site.

Always, always include listings of prominent places, landmarks, and even important contacts on your website. It can act as a handy resource while subliminally influencing them to take a look at your offers.

2. Cater to the needs of the site visitor rather than yourself.

Let’s admit it; everyone’s a tad bit self-centred, especially when it comes to online personas. So, pique their curiosity as much as possible with free downloads or interactive content, for example.

3. Create some enticingly original content.

Netizens are smart enough to discern if a website’s production is rushed, hanging those “Lorem ipsums” and placeholders loose. Plan your content thoroughly first, and relay your intended output to your web designer.

4. Use visually-appealing graphics.

Websites are all about visual bravado, so your site’s entrepreneurial nature isn’t an excuse for employing a boring layout. Tap a talented developer to help you out with designs that evoke your properties’ identities while still remaining sleek.

5. Let your personality show through your website.

Don’t sound too formal, as it may alienate your site visitors. They’re visiting your site casually, so write copy as if you’re talking to them vis-a-vis.

6. Specialize in only one thing.

No matter how tempting it is to put on a show on every inquiry you’ll be receiving, don’t. Offer only those that you really can and turn them down if you can’t. Less “white lies”, more for creating your niche market.

7. Make a systematic method of acquiring email addresses.

You may collaborate with your web designer in including a ‘sign-up form’ on your site, which potential leads can fill up on, including contact numbers and email addresses.

8. Use auto-responders on your site.

You are not Superman who’s available beside his clients anytime, anywhere; we have auto-responders for that. Make your auto-responders general albeit informative, assuring them that you’ll get back to them at some point in the immediate future.

9. Prepare a comprehensive sales file.

You won’t post it publicly, of course, but rather, you’ll make one just in case an interested client is on the verge of saying “yes” and needs a go-see first through the payment scheme.

10. Check out the competition.

In order to keep yourself abreast on the latest online marketing trends (whether real estate or other industries), keep on surfing around other websites. Do not copy, though!

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