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10 Celebrities Who Keep Fit Using Non Traditional Means

Have you ever wondered how celebrities stay in great shape? While many of them are known for following (not to mention endorsing) popular fitness, exercise, and diet programs, there are actually a number of them who do not use traditional methods. Here, you will learn more about these celebrities who keep fit using non traditional means.

tim mcgraw

Tim McGraw, despite being 46, is still incredibly in shape, with his weight only at around 170 pounds. He avoids beef and instead, feasts on much leaner food products such as chicken, tuna, and oatmeal. He claims that it is not hard for him to shy away from beef since it’s not really a favorite of his. Yes, he does love his cheeseburgers and bread, but he keeps his shape by being devoted to CrossFit. He also plays basketball with his wife, Faith Hill, in one-on-one challenges.

samantha harris

2. Samantha Harris

TV personality and ET host Samantha Harris is considered to have the most difficult and intense pre-baby fitness workout regimen. When she was still pregnant, her favorite running spot was the Santa Monica stairs. In addition, she kept doing her regular workouts, except for the crunches of course, since this was something she wasn’t allowed to do. She continued the same regimen after she finally gave birth. Nowadays, she maintains her great shape by doing Bikram yoga, ballet bare, kickboxing, and attending strength training boot camp classes.

herschel walker

3. Herschel Walker

Former football player and NFL star Herschel Walker, despite being retired, is in a much better shape than a lot of professional athletes who are still in their 20s. In fact, it seems like he is in a greater shape now than when he was still doing football. Even though a lot of time has passed since his retirement, 12 years to be exact, he still implements a rigorous daily fitness exercise program. He starts his workouts by doing around 750 up to 1000 push-ups, followed by around 2,000 sit-ups. He then moves on to a fitness training comprised of martial arts and cardio exercises. Now that’s what you call an intense workout!

paula patton

4. Paula Patton

Paula Patton became extremely motivated to get in shape when she was given a role to star next to Tom Cruise. This casting drew her into the world of CrossFit box. She admitted that it was definitely one of the hardest and most grueling things that she has done in her lifetime. According to the actress, she experienced some dark moments when she was starting out, but it got a lot better over time. After a month of doing CrossFit, she became accustomed to it to the point that she actually felt empowered by the rigorous exercise program.


5. Madonna

Madonna is known for being a fitness fiend. However, you will not see her in exercise classes that other people normally go to; and it’s because she has her very own personal trainer. She also does not use regular exercise machines – she prefers the super expensive range of fitness equipment from Technogym, an Italian company that manufactures high-end health machines. She spends a lot of time on her Technogym Kineses Personal, which gives her over 200 different choices for resistance-based exercises. Aside from Madonna, some of the other fitness freaks who also use these extremely costly machines are Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney.

channing tatum

6. Channing Tattum

Channing Tattum, even before he was named by People Magazine as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’, already had a very impressive physique enough to make any girl’s heart swoon. This probably made you wonder how he’s able to maintain his extremely sculpted body. The simple answer, according to the actor, is variety. He constantly makes changes to his exercise regimen so that he won’t get bored easily. In addition, he also claimed that incorporating variation in his routines help him keep his body far from becoming complacent. And this is one of the main reasons why he has devoted himself to CrossFit, which is slowly becoming a favorite fitness regimen of many celebrities.

cameron diaz

7. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz does not favor regular workout routines to keep her body majestically chiseled. In fact, you may be surprised to hear that exercising is just like breathing, eating, and sleeping for this talented actress. Cameron Diaz consistently abides by her fitness programs. And when asked why, she answered that if she didn’t, it will ultimately show up on her body. This is what made her decide to go for CrossFit. She discovered this intensive but extremely effective program with her then boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez. Since then, it became one of her favorite methods to stay sculpted and motivated to exercise.

jessica biel

8. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is definitely one of the only few other Hollywood stars who aren’t afraid to show people how far she goes to maintain her great and very famous fit figure. This figure is actually the reason why she’s always included in many ‘hot lists’ out there, despite the fact that she doesn’t belong in the skinny group. According to the actress, it is still nice to have some meat on her body and she hopes that she’ll be able to inspire other females to appreciate their own muscular calves. She maintains her physique with intensive and rigorous CrossFit training workouts and also follows a Paleo style diet.

ryan seacrest

9. Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has toned up and is continuously doing so through the Tune Up exercises. If you’re not familiar with Tune Up, these are based from yoga exercises which were created by the fitness expert Jill Miller. They are a combination of self-massages, calisthenics, and yoga that help prevent the occurrence of injuries. Aside from the Americal Idol host, Ellen Degeneres and Sarah Jessica Parker also abide by the Yoga Tune Up routine.

bob harper

10. Bob Harper

Bob Harper is considered by many as the original endorser of the extremely challenging CrossFit training program. With this being said, you should no longer wonder why he is included in this list. Being the trainer in the TV reality program The Biggest Loser, he has always been vocal about the love that he has for short but rigorous workouts. Before he became an advocate of this grueling training program, he used to do long exercise sessions until he felt that his body started to become all beat up.

So, the next time you think of going through an intense fitness regimen to achieve your desired shape, check out these non traditional workouts that got your favorite stars hooked.

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